Research Projects

1 January, 2022

Goods, Games, and Institutions: Response to Wallner

International Political Science Review,2002
In our article “Goods, Games, and Institutions,” published in this journal (Aggarwal and Dupont, 1999), we emphasized the need to improve our understanding of the underlying conditions within which institutions might promote cooperation among states and other international actors.

1 January, 2022

The Dynamics of Negotiated Protectionism.

American Political Science Review, 2000
Recent protectionism by the United States has principally taken the form of negotiated barriers to trade, such as voluntary export restraints.

1 January, 2022

Goods, Games, and Institutions

International Political Science Review, 1999
International institutions can help to overcome the problem of supplying goods that are difficult to restrict in terms of consumption.

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