BASC Newsletter: Winter 2023

Supported by the Institute of East Asian Studies, the Social Science Matrix, the Center
for Chinese Studies, and the Center for Korean Studies.

The articles in this newsletter reflect the work that BASC has been doing on these fronts over the last year. To begin, we are pleased to present two adapted versions of published articles by Global Asia that are a part of our “Middle Power Strategies for High-Tech Industries Project.” In the first, Director Aggarwal joins BASC Deputy Director Andrew Reddie in examining the new reality of economic statecraft in the 21st Century and illustrating that economic statecraft is very much alive. In the second, Assistant Director Margaret Kenney discusses intellectual property as national security by studying the case of artificial intelligence in the Indo-Pacific.

We are also excited to present a series of research analyses that examine the range of strategic, economic, technological, and energy concerns that BASC has been addressing. Zeroing in on technological, domestic political, and systemic factors, Associate Director Yuhan Zhang sheds light on U.S.-China climate noncooperation. The abbreviated version of his study was published by East Asia Forum and Global Policy. Assistant Director Ishana Ratan offers commentary on Chinese manufacturing and forward linkages in the Malaysian solar industry. Our undergraduate Research Assistant, James Freeman, assesses the economic statecraft of the United States and China in the solar industry and the implications for the liberal international order.

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