Aggarwal – Consulting


Executive Education

  • 1992- Regular participant in the Haas Executive Education program, UC Berkeley. Rated highest among all faculty members in month-long program, 2000.
  • 9/02 Gordon Institute of Business Science Executive Program, University of Pretoria, South Africa 9/02 Haas Executive Program for Cisco Executives
  • 9/94 Lectured on "Changes in the Global Economy" for the Japan-Focused Executive MBA Program, U. of Hawaii
  • 11/93 Lectured on international negotiation strategies to diplomats as part of a training program on economic negotiations, sponsored by the University of Geneva
  • 10/93 Lectured on the implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement for business and labor at the Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome, Italy and Boston University MBA program in Rome
  • 9/93 Lectured to Thai state governors on U.S trade policy, Berkeley-Hong Kong Project, Berkeley

Advisory Experience

  • 6/07 Trade policy discussion, for a conference on "Trends and Shocks", U.S. Department of Defense
  • 4/07 Consulted with ASEAN to organise a conference entitled "ASEAN talks Business"
  • 8/06 Prepared a study on integration strategies for ASEAN for USAID
  • 4/05 Prepared a study for the ILO on business association lobbying strategies
  • 6/03- Chair, International Advisory Board, University of Geneva International Organizations MBA program
  • 12/02 Co-Principal Speaker, WTO Training Program for Negotiators for Developing Countries
  • 7/99-1/00 Consultant to Global Mechanism of the U.N. Conference to Combat Desertiffication, (housed in the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Rome) on the possibility of linking debt reduction to environmental conditionality
  • 5/99 Search Committee Member for economists for the East-West Center, Honolulu.
  • 10/98 Prepared a study comparing debt rescheduling outcomes in Asia and Latin America for the World Bank
  • 5/97 External reviewer for the Department of Economics, Central European University, Budapest, with Profs. John Harsanyi and Anders Åslund
  • 1994-1995 Adviser to Dr. C. Fred Bergsten, Chairman, Group of Eminent Persons, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum
  • 10/91 Prepared a study for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) on trading companies and export strategies for small and medium-size enterprises in Eastern Europe
  • 1/85-9/85 Group of Thirty, New York– research on cooperation and conflict among banks and governments in the current debt crisis
  • 12/84-12/85 Research and writing for a study entitled the Costs and Benefits of Protection, published by the OECD in preparation for the GATT Uruguay Round.
  • 11/83-2/83 United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)–prepared a study on U.S. public policy and corporate strategies in textile trade
  • 3/82-4/82 UNCTAD– preparation of a portion of a handbook for negotiators in international trade
  • 1/80-6/80 U.S. Department of Commerce– wrote a study of U.S. policy options regarding industrial adjustment problems in the American textile and apparel industries
  • 6/75-9/75 Dirección General de Economía Agrícola, Government of Mexico—examined the political implications of agricultural land reform

Corporate Consulting

  • 10/07 Globalization and Strategy, ING, Inc.
  • 5/07 Doing business in India, VOD, Cisco, Inc.
  • 10/06 Analysis of the global political economy and strategic responses for Statoil
  • 10/04 Internationalization strategies, Avaya, Inc.
  • 3/04 Strategic responses to the changing trading order, Bracco Pharmaceuticals, Milan, Italy
  • 9/02- Focus on trends in the global economy and strategic responses for Cisco, Inc. (ongoing)
  • 4/03 Strategies for the changing international economy, Qualcomm Inc.
  • 11/00 Analysis of regionalism in the global economy, Herman Miller, Inc.
  • 11/98 Analysis of the Asian crisis and APEC, Italcementi, Italy.
  • 9/98 Project on global finance and regulation, Union Bank, San Francisco
  • 6/95 Examination of the implications of regional trends in the world economy for corporate strategies, Nestle Inc., Switzerland
  • 2/95 Discussion of Asia-Pacific regionalism and its implications for strategic planning, ARCO
  • 1/95 Lectures on regionalism in the world economy for senior managers, Hewlett Packard
  • 6/94 Lecture for senior managers on political and economic trends in the world economy, Levi Strauss and Co.
  • 4/90 Advised Esprit De Corp. on trade strategies, San Francisco
  • 2/89 Advised ENI on negotiation strategies in the oil, chemical, and construction industries to promote the internationalization of the company, Rome, Italy
  • 9/86- American Fair Trade Council, San Francisco—Designed a trade strategy for textile
  • 3/87 importers and retailers