When Presidents Obama and Xi met in June 2013, they set up a U.S.-China Cyber Working Group for cooperation on cyber issues, but China pulled out after the U.S. indicted five Chinese military hackers for stealing data.

Why China Changed Its Tech Policy (And What It Means For Cybersecurity And Trade) – Part II 1

Part I of this post can be found here.  After undergoing readings in October and February, the draft anti-terrorism law was not submitted for a third round of discussion in March, without which it cannot be passed. So why did China back down (and has it really backed down)? It’s possible more »


Cybercrime Enforcement: ASEAN’s New Industrial Policy? 1

Southeast Asian states are stepping up their prosecution of cybercrime and illicit online activities. A September UNCTAD report showed that 8 out of 10 ASEAN countries have cybercrime legislation exceeding international standards, and on September 19th, ASEAN declared the creation of a new cybercrime working group. ASEAN nations are also more »