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IMG_9848 Riley Bryne is a senior majoring in political science. She is passionate about international relations specifically in the areas of trade and energy policy.  After graduation, she plans to work for an NGO before attending law school and pursuing a career in the U.S. government. In her free time, she enjoys studying languages, cooking for her friends, and watching political dramas。


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Clarissa J.A. Luttmann is a 3rd-year exchange student from Leiden University College The Hague in The Netherlands where she pursues an Honours BSc. in Governance, Economics, and Development while participating in an additional honors programme on ‘Tackling Global Challenges.’ At the same time, she is the founder and CEO of the consulting company SIMPOLICY and Partner (Government Affairs) at MaLoons CaPital. Clarissa came to UC Berkeley in order to advance her academic expertise in the field of Political Economy and prepare for a doctoral degree in Political Economy and Government. Through her time at BASC, Clarissa intends to gain a more nuanced understanding of the complexities of economic relationships between the Southeast Asian region and the United States. In particular, she is interested in studying Sino-American trade negotiations and in refining her research skills.”

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Tianyu Claire Qiao is a third-year student from China studies Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. Her areas of interests include Sino-Arab Relations, the One Belt One Road and its implications in the Middle East, and Chinese economics and Geopolitics in East Asia. Prior to BASC, Tianyu has research experience at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and an internship at Bloomberg News, Beijing. Through her training at BASC, Tianyu hopes to gain an in-depth understanding of the power dynamics in APEC and the role China plays in the region today. In the future, she hopes she can combine her passion about world cultures and languages with the knowledge she has in International Relations to enter diplomacy and, by enhancing friendship and reducing misunderstandings, to make the world a better place with fewer conflicts.

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