Research Assistants

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Marcus Tan is a fourth-year student studying Economics and Political Science, concentrating in International Relations, and minoring in History. His interests lie in analyzing the development of economic relationships between East Asian countries, great power competition, and the role of economic interdependence and competition in international conflict. Marcus hopes to pursue his interest in international relations and foreign policy by working at the State Department or other branches of the federal government after graduation. Outside of academic interests, Marcus is interested in 20th-century military history, ancient Rome, and watching play-by-play analytic videos on the NFL or NBA.

» E-Mail:  marc.tan.7624 “at”


Gavin Zhao is a second-year student studying political science and economics interested in international politics, Asia-Pacific relations, and free speech jurisprudence. He hopes to go to law school in the future and practice in either international or constitutional law. In his free time, Gavin likes to bake, work out, and work on his Mandarin skills.

» E-Mail:  gavin.l.zhao “at”


Vincent Shan is a 4th Year undergraduate student studying Political Economy and Data Science. He is particularly interested in the evolving role of China in global geopolitics and the interactions between government policy and business strategy. On campus Vincent is also a part of Berkeley’s business community and enjoys distance running and making pour-over coffee in his free time.

» E-Mail: vincentshan “at”


Ian Wong is a third-year majoring in Economics and Sociology. He is interested in cultural scripts in Hong Kong and the tendencies of political stability in semi-autonomous regions. In his free time, Ian enjoys playing late-night rounds of ping pong and introducing people to the objectively best baseball team, the Boston Red Sox.

» E-Mail: iangjwong “at”

Cameron Deptula is a second-year majoring in History with a focus on U.S. foreign policy in East Asia and the Pacific. He is interested in great power competition, globalization, and the influence of national histories on current events. Prior to BASC, Cameron interned in the House of Representatives for Hawaii’sFirst Congressional District.

» E-Mail: deptula “at”

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Jason Liu is a second-year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Science. His academic interests include studying global cooperation around the “issues of the future” (automation, climate refugees, data revolution, etc.), developing economies, and the impact a rising China has on the world. Jason hopes that during his time at BASC, he is able to support BASC’s mission of producing credible and actionable knowledge for decision-makers in both the public and private spheres. In addition to working at BASC, Jason is also a research associate at The Blum Center for Developing Economies, heavily involved with UC Berkeley’s international relations clubs and church community, and a student ambassador for UC Berkeley’s Study Abroad Program. When Jason has free time, he enjoys travel videography, tennis, running cross country, exploring new places, reading, and playing piano.

» E-Mail: jasoncailiu “at”


Michelle Lee is a first-year student from South Korea pursuing a Political Science and Economics degree. She is interested in East Asian politics, the criminal justice system, and journalism. In her free time, Michelle likes to make playlists and find concert tickets, as well as run long-distances in the hills.

» E-Mail: jiminineslee “at”