Research Assistants


 Alex Kaplan is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in political science and minoring in political economy. He is interested in emerging developments and trends in geopolitics, geo-economics, and capital markets.

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Tianyu Qiao is a fourth-year student from China studies Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies. Her areas of interest include Sino-Arab Relations, the One Belt One Road and its implications in the Middle East, and Chinese economics and Geopolitics in East Asia. Prior to BASC, Tianyu has research experience at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and an internship at Bloomberg News, Beijing. Through her training at BASC, Tianyu hopes to gain an in-depth understanding of the International Political Economy, the power dynamics in APEC and the role China plays in the region today.

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Cameron Deptula is a second-year majoring in History with a focus on U.S. foreign policy in East Asia and the Pacific. He is interested in great power competition, globalization, and the influence of national histories on current events. Prior to BASC, Cameron interned in the House of Representatives for Hawaii’sFirst Congressional District.

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Ethan Morales is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in political science and interdisciplinary studies, with a minor in public policy. Through interdisciplinary studies, he is creating a “science, technology, and space studies” research program to study the policy challenges emerging technologies create and how they will change existing political dynamics. Ethan is interested in superpower competition and international institutionalism, and previously worked on counterterrorism research. He hopes to focus his later academic political science work on the international development of space and space technologies.

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 Michelle Lee is a first-year student from South Korea pursuing a Political Science and Economics degree. She is interested in East Asian politics, the criminal justice system, and journalism. In her free time, Michelle likes to make playlists and find concert tickets, as well as run long-distances in the hills.

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