2022 Publications

BASC Staff Articles

The strategic role of social media in business-to-business contexts

|By Margherita Pagani|

Purpose of this study is to provide a framework which helps to understand how a business-to-business company can use the social media to ‘strategize’ by making other business actors share meanings about the position this company wants to occupy. We use LDA topic modelling on a large sample of tweets (N = 1,059,731) by 16 business-to-business companies. […]

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Intellectual Property as National Security: The Case of AI in the Indo-Pacific

|By Margaret Kenney – Associate Director|

ntellectual property has long loomed as a potent element in national security strategies, but with the proliferation of advances in technology in recent decades, it has now become a central focus of geopolitical rivalry, especially between the US and China.

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The New Reality of Economic Statecraft

|By Vinod Aggarwal – Director| Andrew Reddie – Deputy Director|

The use of economic tools in the pursuit of national-security interests has surged in the wake of growing geopolitical tensions, especially the rivalry between China and the US.

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Asia’s Middle Powers and New Economic Statecraft

|By Vinod Aggarwal – Director| Seungjoo Lee|

As the articles in this cover package of Global Asia illustrate, the rivalry between China and the United States, particularly in the hightech sector, represents a heightened deployment of economic statecraft that leaves…

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