Mika Ciotola

About Mika Ciotola

Mika Ciotola is a fourth year Political Science and Italian Studies double major, with a focus in international relations. She is interested in Asia's economic development and its impact on the rest of the world--and especially how Japan will continue to play an influential role in the region. Mika recently studied abroad in Bologna, Italy for the spring semester of her junior year and is fascinated by European politics as well. She loves to cook, cheer for the San Francisco Giants and explore the culinary gems of the Bay Area.

Boosting the Japanese Economy: A Woman’s Work

Speaking at this month’s annual IMF meetings held in Tokyo, Japan, Lagarde revitalized gender equality discourse in hopes of pulling Japan out of its economic slump. It should come as no surprise that Lagarde, the female managing director of the Fund, appreciates the role of women in political and economic more »