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Jake Lerner is in his third year at UC Berkeley, and his fourth semester at the Berkeley APEC Study Center. His double major in Computer Science and Political Science tends to keep him occupied, but he still finds time to play strategy games, read leftist literature, dance, take a leadership role in his living co-operative, and climb the occasional tree. He is from Grass Valley, California.

Cybercrime Enforcement: ASEAN’s New Industrial Policy? 1

Southeast Asian states are stepping up their prosecution of cybercrime and illicit online activities. A September UNCTAD report showed that 8 out of 10 ASEAN countries have cybercrime legislation exceeding international standards, and on September 19th, ASEAN declared the creation of a new cybercrime working group. ASEAN nations are also more »

Global Mic-Check 1

By Jake Lerner, BASC Research Assistant The Arab Spring came at an unfortunate time for Vladimir Putin. Though they began more than a year ago, the aftershocks of those democratic uprisings are still being felt around the world, most recently in Russia. On March 6th, Putin won the Russian presidential more »