Christopher Hussey

About Christopher Hussey

Christopher Hussey is a fourth year Development Studies major with a focus in the Politics of Southeast Asia and is the Assistant Managing Editor of Business and Politics. Some of his academic interests are the relationship between tourism and development, trade policy of developing countries and the history of international development. Born and raised in Singapore, Christopher attended the Singapore American School and served in the Singapore Army for two years. In his free time, Christopher likes to backpack, explore, watch football (American of course), golf, and read.

Myanmar: The New Tourist Frontier 2

In 2011, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar initiated political, social and economic reforms after 51 years of military rule.  As a result of these reforms—most notably the democratic elections of 2012 that brought Aung San Suu Kyi back into formal politics—Myanmar, or Burma to many, saw an unprecedented more »